Our team is a group of professionals with years of experience in the film and television industry , award-winning at various festivals and competitions .
We have over 20 years of experience working for many companies , musical groups as well as individual clients.
We have been involved in many complex and difficult to implement projects.

Our achievements can be found :

800 news items and TV
200 Clips wedding
150 videos
200 serviced events
20  Spots advertising

Some of them you can see here
Every project which we undertake to develop to perfection released to the world brought honor to our clients and our company.
We specialize in advanced technologies are also on streaming
or broadcast multi-access to the Internet.
We also have a vast experience in the technical events and cultural events.
Here you can see our reference list .


We provide services in the field of production and postproduction but any opportunity to work with the camera gives us great joy and the ability to create .
We also provide services to the wedding industry in this way, being careful to brick industry was characterized by equally professionalism that exists in other areas of film art.
We operate throughout the country and abroad