We carry live broadcasts to the internet. 

We use the most modern equipment of NewTek TriCaster.


This ensures that our projects ensure excellent image quality and a perfect balance between load and link transmission quality.


It is worth mentioning that this type of system they use, such as TV stations, among others TVN, BBC, CNN, NBC. We offer the ability to put images, signatures and virtual studio. This allows you to create sets in any environment with minimal resources.


Using this system, we can conduct live broadcasts quality comparable
to digital TV platforms with a load of links from 800 kbps.



We have full realization of the position of the sound, professional lighting plan and microport systems and wireless transmission of audio, and a lot of accessories, allowing you to execute even the most complicated transmission.


In embodiments, the live broadcast will need to access
broadband at 2 Mbps output signal "upload". best solution is to speed synchronous, that is, with the same parameters in both directions. We also have a separate room for the positions and the position of realizing domes.

If the implementation requires the creation of a stand commentator

(Eg sports events) is a place also needs to be separated.

Broadcasts can carry 4 - 16 HD cameras with SD PAL (full standard TV) Audio 96 - 240 kbps, optional camera crane 7m. We can also carry out the transmission of SDI format.


Max we are able to reach 18 million viewers at the same time



Advantages of Internet broadcasts:

  •     Low cost of production
  •     Global Reach
  •     Reaction rate
  •     Increased opportunities for advertisers
  •     Accessibility to a specific target group



Individual prices depending on the needs of the client.
Write to us and we will evaluate your request



We operate throughout the country and abroad

Additionally, the price we charge for access 1PLN / km from the college.


For orders outside the country Customer pays travel expenses, accommodation, food and extra + 10% of the value of the